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Why Growth Driven Design Is A Better Method For Building Websites

By Kathryn Trier

Every two or three years, ideally, you want to redesign your website. Think about how much changes in that time span, especially in the world of technology! But alas, no one wants to go through that process - it’s a big time commitment and can produce a strain on your company resources. Isn’t there a simpler solution to such a painful task? There is - and it’s called Growth Driven Design.

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So why do we hate website redesigns so much? Most traditional approaches to a website redesign don’t happen until that 2-3 year mark when it becomes a necessity. Once the redesign is complete, it is seldom revisited, so it becomes this occasional task that we all come to dread. And it’s all done in one big, lump effort, which effectively gets in the way of your usual tasks. Plus, to add insult to injury, traditional website redesign approaches almost always go over budget, both in time and money.

Nobody has time for that. That’s where GDD comes into the picture.

As the name implies, GDD is designed with one thing in mind: growth. In an age of technology and the Internet, we are all well aware of how fast things are liable to change. If your company has any hope of keeping up with the evolving world of sales, marketing, SEO, and technology, your company and your website have to evolve with these trends. GDD is a dynamic approach to website development and will help your website withstand the test of time.

So, how is Growth-Driven Design different (and better) than traditional approaches?

Well, GDD is retainer-based; you retain sources, like analytics, data, money, and time, and make your plan accordingly. This is different from traditional web design because your approach is strategized; you design your website based on what the user wants, which in turn makes them more interactive with your business. GDD implements the use of tools that help you collect real-time data on what your visitors are responding to - and what they aren’t. By a process of trial and error, you can determine what is going to make the most difference for your website.

“Make the project smaller” sounds dismissive to your plight, but GDD makes it that simple. GDD is cyclical - improvements are being made constantly, little by little, based on the data that your team collects and what your customers want. This spreads out your time and money in a way that makes it easier for your company to plan and accommodate. By breaking your redesign down into a collection of smaller projects, you get the best of everything - a launch-ready website that’s on time and on budget. (And, possibly the best part - you never have to worry about a massive headache of a redesign ever again.)


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We identify our user personas in the first part of the GDD process, to ensure that we are appealing to our ideal audience. The launchpad website is created with these personas in mind and will serve as - you guessed it - a launchpad from which to develop the rest of our site. The launchpad website is great because it serves as the catalyst for your continuous improvement cycle. We gather data and analytics from the launchpad website and, based on the conclusions we draw from this, we modify the website accordingly.

This, in turn, gets you better results - GDD websites produce better business, without the draining resources. GDD helps you:

  • Minimize risks that come with traditional web design (big upfront costs and time commitment, overspending your time and money)
  • Make your website design a priority, without the hassle of a cumbersome upheaval
  • Implement continuous research- and data-based improvement - not assumptions
  • Develop your website based on customer needs and wants, using personas to help guide your strategy

A common concern that new GDD clients have is, “Won’t my website be incomplete then? Some old and some new?” Yes, but that’s totally okay. By prioritizing the main pages on your website and working through the small ones at a reasonable pace, you can make the most impact with the least amount of strain. And besides, your old pages will perform the same as they always have, so you won’t be losing anything. With GDD, the only way to go is up.

It’s important to remember in Growth-Driven Design that your website will not be perfect, but the point is to learn and develop as you go. You continuously analyze the results and improve your site accordingly; it’s not like you can say, “In three months my website will be complete.” It’s never complete - it’s a process that will be built upon, getting better and better as time goes on and industry needs change. With GDD you continually learn more about the needs of your visitors, optimize your website, and as a result, provide a better user experience for everyone.

If Growth-Driven Design is something that you think your business would benefit from, please contact us at DuBose Web Group. We would love to help you learn more about why Growth-Driven Design is the right fit for you, and assist you in beginning the process of revamping your website design.

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