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8 Must-Have Tools For Digital Marketing

By Lauren Veres

Marketers for your businesses have so many different jobs, and there seems to be a tool for everything! Here at DuBose, we like our tools and we use each of them to their full extent. We have picked some of our favorite digital marketing tools from our “toolbox” and explained a little bit about each of them and how they can help you, no matter how big or small your team may be! Listed below are 8 of our favorite tools, all of which offer a free version of their services.

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“From attracting visitors to closing customers, HubSpot brings your entire marketing funnel together.” HubSpot is ranked as one of the leading Marketing, Sales and CRM softwares. They have an extensive list of tools that help with: Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Calls-to-Action, Marketing Automation, Email, and Analytics. They also have a thorough training and development program, which grants the user certification upon completion. HubSpot is one of our favorite tools for both internal and external affairs - it helps us organize our business, while also helping our employees grow and develop as team members in the world of inbound marketing.



Hotjar provides real-time visual record of your website visitors’ actions and behaviors. Heatmaps will show you where users are and aren’t clicking, as well as actual video of the users’ interaction on the site from the time they came to your site until they hopped off. Hotjar is great because it shows you what about your web design needs to be optimized, rather than leaving you guessing.



Jira is Google’s #1 Project Management Software. Jira tracks projects through its workflow from “to-do”, to “in-progress”, to “under review”, to “done”! No tasks are left behind with Jira. Jira gives you the ability to attach documents and pictures, comment, and tag other users in your collaborative works. It also generates reports on all of the information, like time spent on each task, so that you can optimize your team’s efforts and keep the data in one place.



Evernote is an app that lets you clip and save websites or documents. With Evernote, you can save websites that you want to revisit later, highlight keywords and phrases within a website, or even “clip” a certain part of the web page and store it as a document. From there, you can save these files on the Evernote cloud, which can then be synced on all your devices. You can even share documents with other users when you use the Evernote business model.



If you think that your business would benefit from creating and sharing videos, Vimeo is the tool for you. Vimeo is a platform designed by video creators and editors to host their high-definition, ad-free videos. 35 million people and businesses have trusted Vimeo to host their videos since they launched in 2004. Visual aids and videos are on the rise in the content industry, so you should definitely consider using Vimeo in your future business endeavors.



Cloud storage software is becoming more popular, and with good reason - with cloud storage, you can back up files, access them from multiple devices, and all without the hassle of having to upgrade the hardware on your device itself. Dropbox is a file hosting service where all files are synced and secured online. It also allows you to collaborate as a company or team, with all your files in one place. With its clean, easy user interface, Dropbox is a definite must-have for your business’s content strategy.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best analytic tools for your website. The process is simple - sign up with basic info, add the tracking code, learn about your audience, and start seeing data about your site. Advanced analytics gives information on who your visitors are, where they are located, how they make their way through the sales funnel, and what they are doing on your site while they are on it. If you’re looking for a great SEO tool that will generate the data you need to optimize your user experience, Google Analytics has got you covered.



Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement platform that proofreads and checks for plagiarism. Proofreading your own writing can be difficult, and it’s easy to overlook your own errors. Grammarly finds all grammatical errors and gives you suggestions for what to change it to, as you’re writing online. You can download it as an extension to your browser, and there’s also an app that you can download straight to your desktop.


Many of these digital marketing tools even have an app that you can download either to your phone, tablet, or straight to your desktop. Convenience, cost, and ease of use are at the core of all of these applications, intended to make your job easier. Try them out - and let us know what you think!


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