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10 Inbound Marketing Resources You Should Subscribe To

By Lauren Veres

Hubspot has both marketing and sales inbound blogs right at your fingertips, plus even more. Subscribe to their blogs to get the newest ones delivered right to your inbox, basically your “daily dose of inbound.” Have any interest in inbound marketing and what it’s all about? You should subscribe too!


Among their many tools, Hubspot also has a certification program called Hubspot Academy. On Hubspot Academy, you can find specialized courses on all sorts of topics within the Inbound marketing umbrella. You can even become certified in Inbound marketing with Hubspot Academy! Their courses include engaging training videos, in-depth user guides and how-to articles. 

Inbound.org is an online community where all inbound marketers go to learn new things, connect, interact with each other, and comment back and forth on forums. After signing up and subscribing to their free “email digest”, you can choose which topics you would be most interested in. There are thousands of topics - you won't even know where to start! You can choose to get daily or weekly email updates, and there’s even a trending function that introduces you to the latest and greatest in marketing.

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B2B is one of Hubspot's Diamond Partners, actually the only Diamond Partner in the UK. You already know how much we love Hubspot, so anyone with Diamond Partner status is okay by us! Their team of “scientists” maintain an organized, well-written blog concerning a wide range of topics, from inbound specifically, to analytics, and SEO as well.


Waypost is the only other Hubspot Partner in South Carolina other than us. With connections to both Hubspot and Google, Waypost is a well-qualified, reliable source of relevant information. They have a plethora of great inbound blogs along with others about SEO, Content Marketing and more! If you don’t learn at least 3 things from each article, you need to reread because this blog is LOADED with great stuff!


Impact is another Diamond Partner with Hubspot as well as Hubspot’s 2017 Partner of the Year. They know what they are talking about when it comes to Inbound! You can read their blog for loads of awesome, relevant, and fun content, or view one of their many other resources in their resource library. Be sure to check out their free templates, ebooks, webinars and more!

SmartBug has a team of contributors from all over the marketing world, including from Hubspot, Electronic Arts, HBO, and many others. With at least a post a day, you will never run out content to read and learn from. Their blog is a perfect place for the business-to-business (B2B) marketer to learn about Inbound, Hubspot, Social Media, plus even more.


Impulse Creative is a Platinum Hubspot partner, with a great blog and resources at your disposal. They have a library of free Ebooks with “in-depth information about online marketing, the inbound methodology, web design, and social media.” With a regularly updated blog and a subscription newsletter, we are excited to learn from the engaging team at Impulse Creative.


Manobyte is a Michigan-based marketing resource, and they have been a Hubspot Partner since 2012. With such a long-standing partnership with Hubspot, you know that they’ve got all the up-to-date information about the world of Inbound marketing. They have an extensive list of resources on their website, including Inbound Marketing Webinars and Inbound Calculators alongside their standard blog.


Social Media Today is an excellent source for your social media marketing team to keep up with the industry news. You can sign up for free and get the top news daily in your inbox. They cover topics that include social media updates, things that are trending, social marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and much more!


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